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Speed Waxxxx

There are 2 great highlights to this product:

1) It does not dry once it is applied to the skin. It can only be removed by using a disposal strip. It saves time for the therapist.

2) It contains the right amount of Salicylic Acid to prevent breakouts of little bumps & pimples. It saves time for the client.

Most suitable for legs, chest & back waxing

Crystal Tin Wax

A hypoallergenic formula that offers traditional warm waxing with a modern twist. The salicylic acid added to this microcrystalline wax eases pain, reduces redness and prevents breakouts post waxing, making it a wax friendly for all skin types. As it does not dry easily when applied to skin, it is possible to apply the wax on large whole areas to be waxed.

Most suitable for long fine hair on larger body parts like the back and legs.